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Business Settings in Q Waits Business

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Business settings as the name suggests, is the settings that you apply for your business or organization. In order to specify your Business settings, tap on the hamburger icon and then on Business settings.

Manage multiple queues: This feature is for businesses having the need to manage multiple queues. This feature is currently available only in Premium plan. If you need to manage multiple queues, tap on "Manage multiple queues" and go on adding queues for your business.

Phone#: Phone number is the number of your business that your customers will use for queuing up in your business (SMS check-in). Once you register your business with a paid subscription (Micro, Basic or Premium), we will generate a phone number for you. Once a phone number is assigned to you, we suggest you to kindly generate your QR Code , take a print out of it (it will also contain your phone number) and place this placard on your store front. This will help your customers to save this number and send a text message for queuing up.

Business code: Business code is a 6 digit alphanumeric code that gets generated when you register your business with us. Once a team member creates an account and selects "Register as a team member", he/she has to specify this business code. Once you as owner approve his request (from Team management), this member will be able to manage the Queue.

Plan: This shows you the current plan that you have subscribed, along with the Expiry date and renewal information. If you ever wish to change your plan, tap on the plan name to upgrade your subscription, select your desired plan and continue with the payment procedure to change your plan subscription.

SMS Credits: If you are using a paid subscription (Micro, Basic or Premium), you will get to see your SMS credits and also your usage till date. If your SMS credit balance tends to finish, you will be notified in this section and you can easily purchase SMS packs by tapping on this. If you have unused SMS credits, and you renew your subscription, your unused SMS credits gets added to the SMS credits you receive on renewal.

Status: As long as you are subscribed to a plan and payment has been successful, your status will remain Active and if you wished not to renew for the time being, your status will get changed to Expired. However your status will remain Active always if you are subscribed to a Free plan.

Kiosk mode: Kiosk mode can be set from this setting. Kiosk mode can be either Single or Multiple. For Basic & Premium plans multiple kiosk mode is available and for the rest of the plans only Single mode is allowed. You can use this when you want to have multiple kiosks to address simultaneous customers in the same queue. When you mark a customer Active, you can specify which kiosk to redirect to. The customer will get notified accordingly.

Allow business check-in only: This feature lets you to check-in your customers only through the business app. Your customers won't be able to check-in using Q Waits app, web check-in or SMS check-in. This feature is turned off by default and at any point of time if you wish to enable this feature for your business, select this checkbox. This settings apply for all the queues of your business. However if you wish to allow all check-in methods for a specific queue for your business, you need to override the same in Queue settings.

Allow web check-in: Your customers who do not wish to install an app for checking-in, can now do a web check-in once you enable this feature for your business by selecting this checkbox.

SMS Check-in: Your customers can do SMS check-ins to your business. You will have an option of letting your customers send a SMS to a pre-assigned number and get added to the queue directly or you can also send the web link to the customer in the SMS and the customer has to click on that web link to check-in. If you allow your customers to send SMS and get added to the queue directly, they will not be able to specify the service category and also the number of persons accompanying them. Also for a business having multiple queues, when a customer sends SMS by sending his/her name, customer will be sent a web link for web check-in. Customer will be added to the queue only if customer mentions the Queue ID (for multiple queues) in the SMS. Please note that SMS check-in feature is not available for Indian businesses.

SMS notifications required for: You can enable SMS notifications for Business check-in and Web check-in so that your customers get notified at regular intervals (as specified by you). You will find several stages of notifications such as Initial status, Active, Abort, Lobby etc. , and notifications will be sent to the customer based on your selections. Emails will be also sent to the customers at these positions if their email address is available.

Queue closed message: Whenever you close the queue, you can show a custom message to your users. Instead of using the default message, you can define a message specific to your business. Whenever a customer wishes to check-in through Q Waits app or through the web link or by sending a sms, they will get to see this message. As example, of this would be "Our queue is currently closed. Please check-in tomorrow at 9 AM" or something similar.

Gratitude message: You would definitely like to thank your customers who have visited your business. Although we provide you a predefined Gratitude message, you can always change and define your own to show gratitude to your customers once you have served them.

QR Code generation: You can generate the QR code for your business by tapping on it, and fix it on your store front so that your customers can scan it using the smartphone camera or the Q Waits app and check-in to your business.


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