• Sandipta Pal

Business Settings in Q Waits Business

Updated: Oct 11

Once you open the app and tap on the hamburger icon, you will see the Business settings in the drawer menu.

Once you tap on Business settings, you will get to see your business name, phone number of your business, Business Code, your current plan, Business status, Manage Service Categories, Queuing Mode, manage kiosk names (only for Premium plan) and SMS enabled status.

Business name is the name of your business which you specified at the time of registration.

Phone number is the contact number of your business that your customers will use to send Text (SMS) for booking their queue. Once your business is registered, we will assign a phone number to your business and send you an email with the details and a placard. We suggest that you print and place this placard where your customers can see. This will help them to save this number and send Text to queue up.

Business code is the code of your Business which you would like to share with your co-users for managing the Queue. Once a team member creates an account and adds himself/herself as a business user with code, he/she has to specify this business code. Once you as owner approve his request (from Team management), this member will be able to manage the Queue.

Plan is shown below Business code. The plan which you have selected is being shown here along with the Expiry date and renewal information. Tap this section to see more about your current plan or change to another subscription.

Business status is shown below Plan. Your current business status is usually Active, but if you have wished not to renew, for the time being, your status will change to Inactive.

Just below Business status, you will find Manage Service categories. You can specify the service categories of your business so that customers can select the service category while checking-in. Business users can also select the service categories while checking in users from the business app.

Queuing Mode is a feature that lets you select whether you need a single queue or multiple queues for your business. However multiple queue feature is available only for businesses having a Premium plan.

Manage Kiosk's names is a feature only available for businesses having a Basic or a Premium plan. This lets you assign appropriate names to your kiosks. If at a later point of time you wish to remove the kiosk names, you can always do that and add again when needed.

SMS Enabled status comes at the bottom. This signifies whether the SMS check-in feature is enabled for your business. If you are not on a Free plan, you will be able to turn on this feature.