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Ways customers can check-in to queue

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Once you have a business registered and sign-in to the app, the Queue status details show up on the screen. You can also tap on the hamburger icon and tap on Queue to get here.


Ways to check in

There are various ways by which customers can check in to your Business Queue.

  • Q Waits app

  • Text Message (SMS)

  • Q Waits B app

  • Web link

Q Waits app: Users can search for the business in the Q Waits app and check-in from the business details screen. The Q Waits app, will provide more information to your customers and has a much better user experience than using SMS check-in. Always ask your customers to use Q Waits for a better experience.

The business details section in the Q Waits app shows the current approximate wait time and queue length for your business. This information is shown only if the business queue is open. Once the user checks in, the approximate wait time for this customer and his position in the queue is shown. The user gets added in the Queue and the queue gets updated in the Business app.

Your customers who have already reached your place of business can now scan your business QR code (Do not worry. You will get it from us) and check-in. All you have to do is put the placard containing the QR code of your business on display on your store-front so that it is clearly visible.

Text message: Customers can send a text message to the designated phone number of the business and book for themselves in the queue. Alerts will be sent to them through SMS when their turn is nearing and when Active. This feature is available only if you turn on " Add to Queue" in SMS check-in settings. If you turn on "Send Web link", customer will not be added to the queue. Instead a web link will sent, through which the customer can check-in. Please refer to Web Check-in for further details.

Business App: You as a business user also have the privilege to check-in your customers/clients with their name, phone number, and email address. At the top of the Queue screen you will have to click on the "+" icon, and then enter the customer's name, phone number, and email address and click on the Check-in button.

Use this option when your customers do not have a device with them or having difficulty checking in.

Web Check-in: By now you know that you have to paste the Placard containing the QR code on your store front. If your customer does not have the Q Waits app installed, he/she can just scan the QR code using the smartphone camera and tap on the web link. Customers can open the web link in their browser and check-in to the business queue.

Web Check-in is also available when a customer sends a text message for check-in. If you turn on the settings for sending web link on sms check-in (available in settings), whenever a customer sends a text message for check-in, he/she will receive a web link for check-in. For businesses, sending web link for check-in is better compared to simply adding the customer in the queue on sending a sms because, through web check-in customer can specify the head count (no. of people along with him/her) and also select the service category.

You can also add the URL in your website or social media accounts, so that your website visitors and social media followers can check-in from these platforms.


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