• Sandipta Pal

How to add details to your Business

Updated: Oct 11

Tap on the hamburger icon and then once the drawer opens, tap on Business details.

Current Operation Mode:

In the Business details screen, you will be able to specify your current operation mode.

Current Operation mode can be Normal, Limited, Closed, Curbside pickup, and Online Delivery.

If you mark your business closed, you cannot choose any other option. If you select Normal or Limited Entry, you can also select Curbside pickup and Online Delivery.

You can also add some additional information in this section, about your business which might be helpful for your customers.

Business Hours:

In the Business details screen, you will be able to specify your business hours. Now your customers know your operating hours, thus it's easier for them to plan their visit to your business as per their convenience.

Senior hours:

Below the Business Hours, is the Senior hours section. Senior hours section lets your customers know if your business is having dedicated hours for seniors.

​You can also specify additional information regarding Senior hours for your business which might be useful for your customers.

The Current operation mode, Business hours, and Senior hours, if specified will be visible to all the users of "Q Waits" app, when they tap on this business. They will only be able to view this information but cannot make any changes.