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Team Management - how to use Q Waits Business to manage multiple business users

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

With Team Management, you can use this app between multiple members of your team. They can use separate devices for their tasks. All devices will be synced with each other in real-time.

As an admin, you can share the business code with your team members. All the team members will have to download and install the app on their devices, create an account, verify their email address, and then register as a user with the business code you shared with them.

Once users have registered, they will show under the Team management (admin) section of the app. This section is only accessible by the admins. This is found when you tap on the hamburger icon of the app. You, as an admin, will have to approve their account before they can start using the app.

To manage/approve a team member of your business, tap on Team management (admin). The name of the team member and the email address is shown at the top of your screen. Below that you will be able to see the Role and Status of this team member. By default, Role is Regular (a regular user) and Status is Inactive. You can provide admin rights to the team member by tapping the corresponding radio button. A member can either be of Regular or Admin. Someone who has registered as a team member of the business cannot access the features of this app until and unless the business owner or an admin, changes the status of this user to "Active".

Now you can grant this user, access to certain other features like Billing, Toggle Queue, Toggle Business Only check-in, Reset Queue, and Allow Account Delete.

Billing - Allowing this for a user, will enable him to view the subscription page. This is a view-only page. Subscription change/cancel/restore can only be done by the person who bought it.

Toggle Queue - If this is enabled, the member will be able to turn the queue on/off for the business.

Toggle business only check-in - Enable this for a member, if you want the member to have access to enable/disable business only check-in. When business only check-in is enabled, your customers will be able to check-in remotely, neither through the app nor through SMS. Only you or your team members will be able to check-in customers through the app.

Reset queue - If enabled for a member, he will be able to reset queue to archive all check-in information. This resets all the counters to 0.

Allow account delete - If a member wants to delete his account, you can allow by enabling it from here.

Please note that in Team management, you cannot change your own status and role as you are the owner of this business. Your role will always be "Admin" and status will always be "Active".

Business users will have access to Team Management, only if the owner of this business sets the role of Admin for them.


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