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  • Sandipta Pal

Why waiting in a line is a cause of frustration

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Customers standing in a queue have nothing to do except waiting for their turn. During this time the customer is not occupied with something and this makes the customer feel that the wait time is too long. Actually, customers also do not know how long the wait time is going to be. They often get bored after standing in the queue for a while wondering about the latest status. Customers may have prescheduled appointments, may have to pick up their children from school, etc after this. Also, customers might have to stand in the scorching heat or heavy downpour in the monsoon or maybe in turbulent weather conditions, making their waiting experience an absolute nightmare. All of these factors lead to customers' unhappiness and make them restless and frustrated. A bitter experience standing in a queue often leads to customer walk-aways.

Bad experiences often do not leave your mind. They keep reminding you so that you do not repeat them. So customers walking out of a queue because of being frustrated are expected not to visit that business in the near future. Customer walk-aways not only affect the sale of the business at that point in time but also in the near future.

During this pandemic, customers have to maintain social distancing and also avoid overcrowded places. It is advisable not to stand closely in queues. This pandemic has added woes to the already frustrated customers who do not want to stand in long queues. Customer footfall in businesses has reduced a lot due to this.

Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement” - G.S Alag

Boolean Array, Canada, has come up with a remarkable solution by launching an app - Q Waits Business on Virtual Queue management, to retain your customers so that they visit your business, and while leaving they have a big smile on their faces. Q Waits Business is a simple app-based smart virtual queuing solution for your business that resolves all the factors which lead to customers' frustrations and also encourages businesses to get better customer stride. Customers now do not have to wait in the queue physically. Q Waits Business does the waiting for the customers and they can use their time doing something more important and come to the business only when their turn comes.

Excited? Want to explore? Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going. If you have any queries please feel free to call us at +1 289-633-4230.


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