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  • Sandipta Pal

Make your customers feel safe

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We all know by now, that COVID-19 has affected millions and millions of people across the world. Active Coronavirus cases are rising exponentially almost every minute. Countries like The United States of America, Brazil, and India are the worst affected in this crisis to date. This colossal crisis has changed the lifestyle of almost everyone. People are caught up in the fear of contracting the deadly virus and this has confined them to their homes.

Businesses across the world have felt the heat during these testing times. Unless it is absolutely necessary, consumers have not gone out of their homes. People have been seen to visit businesses only for their grocery needs, medicines, and financial needs. Businesses have also found it difficult to manage their consumers as they are working with reduced strength. Long queues have scared the customers even more of getting contaminated. The populous queues on top of this crisis have forced many customers to shift to e-commerce platforms to buy their essentials. Brick and mortar stores have suffered the most due to this.

To regain customer faith and redirect them again to their stores, businesses need to make their customers feel secure and safe. Safety is a predominant factor during this pandemic. Businesses have been sanitizing premises almost every day but that won't help much as customers now do not want to stand in long queues.

So what to do? Do not worry. We have the answer. The best way to manage your business is implementing a Virtual Queuing solution. Boolean Array, Canada has come up with a smart app-based virtual queuing solution, Q Waits Business, that lets you manage your business with almost zero congestion. Your customers can book their position in the business queue remotely from their homes. The app will do the waiting and whenever the customer's turn approaches, it will notify them. This way customers do not have to stand in the crowded queues and they feel safe.


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