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  • Sandipta Pal

Physical Distancing - a necessity

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

All of us are aware that COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic. Active coronavirus cases across the world are rising exponentially every day, every hour and every minute. People are panic-stricken and fear-based to go out. Governments in many countries across the world had to enforce strict lockdown to flatten the curve. In order to stop community spreading of this deadly virus, policymakers of almost all the countries have advised staying home. If it is absolutely necessary to go out to buy medicines or daily essentials or maybe to the bank for financial needs, people have been advised to isolate themselves and maintain a physical distance, more commonly known as social distance.

Coronavirus gets transmitted through droplets that come out of an infected person's mouth, whenever the person sneezes, coughs, or even talks. That is why it is advised to maintain a minimum distance of 6 ft (1.8 meters) when we go out and come in proximity of a person. Social distancing norms have been set at least 6 feet, just because this is the distance the droplets can travel. When a person maintains a social distance of 6 ft with an infected person, that person won't be inhaling the droplets discharged by the infected person. It is still advised to wear a mask to be secure.

During this pandemic, most of the businesses are working with reduced strength and this has led to long queues in businesses. Consumers should be extra cautious while going out to buy their daily essentials. Businesses can easily increase their operational efficiency by installing the smart app-based virtual queuing solution Q Waits Business in their mobile/tablets and give their customers the privilege of booking their position in the queue virtually. The app will notify the consumers as and when their turn approaches. This way the businesses can operate with almost zero congestion and also reduce the risk of its staff and consumers getting affected.

Download the app and get started right away.

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