• Sandipta Pal

Why my customers cannot check in?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Your customers will be able to check in to your business only when you open the Queue for your business. By default, your Queue is turned off when you install and setup the application. At the start of the day when you are ready to attend customers, you will have to open your Queue, so that your customers can check in to your business remotely.

To open your Queue, tap on the hamburger icon, then tap Queue and then Settings. In settings, you will find the Queue turn on/off feature. Tap on this button to turn it on (should turn green). At the end of the business day, we suggest you close the Queue to let your customers know that you are not accepting customers any more for the day. Do this by going to settings again and tap on the Queue button (should turn red).

It is suggested, that at the end of the day, you reset your queue so that all the information for the day gets archived. This allows you to start fresh from the next day.

To reset queue, go to Queue --> Settings --> tap Reset queue button