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A simple App based, smart queuing solution for your business.

Give your customers the flexibility

to lineup using their phone.

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What is

Q Waits Business

A customer experience

customized to your business

Reward your clients with comfort

Don't restrict your clients physically waiting in the line. Give them the flexibility to check in virtually and wait in their comfort from anywhere. Notify them when their turn comes up. Let your clients utilize this time doing something they want. 
Happy customers! Happy business!
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Features List

A simple App based, smart queue management solution.

Tablet, Phone and Watch
App based only (iOS & Android)

Wherever, Whenever

Your customers use their phone to check-in to your business. No more crowded waiting areas.

Our solutions are 100% app based. This means, you can use the business app to manage lineups while your customers use their phone to check-in to your business.

Business app

Making Life Easier For You

Use one single app for daily queue management.

  • Open/Close queue - Let customers check-in only when you are open.

  • Automatic sequence numbers generated.

  • Notify customers automatically when it's their turn.

  • Manage multiple kiosks with one single app.

  • One app for all your employees.

  • and much more

On the Phone
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TEXT (SMS) checkin integrated

Multiple ways to check-in

Give flexibility to your customers to check in multiple ways.

Our innovative solution allow users to check in by sending a TEXT (SMS) to a pre-registered number.

AI based predictions

Customers already know how long to wait.

With our AI based wait time predictions, your customers would already know how long they have to wait, for their turn.

They are continuously updated on their app with the latest information. Notifications are sent not only when their turns comes up, but also when their turn is nearing, so they can prepare.

Old Alarm Clock

Why use Q Waits Business


Less lineups and wait times

Eliminate wait times and long lines by around 95% by allowing users to check-in remotely.

They keep getting notified about their status and wait time on their app.


Customer walk away reduction

Your customer will not walk away looking at the long lineup. Allow them to check-in and utilize their wait time doing their important stuff.

Happy customers, happy you!


Reduce cost on equipment

You do not need to maintain expensive hardware on display and ticketing systems.

It is 100% cloud based (hardware independent). Only use your phone or tablet that everyone carries.

and much more...

Flexible Pricing

Subscription based | Cancel anytime


Suitable for all businesses


per month


Single kiosk

Single user

App check-in

100 check-ins/month


Suitable for small businesses


per month


Single kiosk

Single user

*** TEXT (SMS) check-in ***

App check-in

Unlimited lineups


Suitable for medium businesses


per month


*** Multiple kiosks ***

Single user

TEXT (SMS) check-in

App check-in

Unlimited lineups


For large businesses and enterprise


per month


Multiple kiosk

*** Team management ***

TEXT (SMS) check-in

App check-in

Unlimited lineups

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Keep control on how many people enter into your business at a time.


Avoid long lineups to kiosks. Allow people to enter only when they get notified.


Improve patient experience, avoid crowded waiting areas and control flow.

Salons & spa

Avoid crowed waiting areas. Notify people when it is their turn.


Control visit flow, improve waiting experience. Add a relaxing atmosphere.

Public services

Avoid crowed waiting areas. Notify people when it is their turn.


Automate student queuing and guide them to proper kiosk based on their needs.

Fitness clubs

Reduce perceived waiting time improve level of service and customer satisfaction.

or any other business


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